The following is a chronological list of the key events that occurred within FEUD: Bette and Joan.

*Some of these events may differ slightly from the events of the real life feud.


  • Bette Davis signs a contract with Warner Brothers Entertainment.



  • Bette Davis stars in the film Dangerous with Franchot Tone.
  • Bette tries to sleep with Franchot, while he is still in a relationship with Joan.
  • Joan Crawford marries Franchot out of spite.
  • Bette wins the Academy Award for Best Actress in Dangerous.
  • Joan sends Bette a bouquet and a congratulatory note, but receives no response.


  • Bette Davis sues Jack Warner to be released from her contract with Warner Brothers.
  • Jack wins the suit and Bette is forced to remain working for him.


  • Joan Crawford divorces Franchot Tone, blaming Bette for the failure of their marriage.


  • Joan Crawford signs a contract with Warner Brothers.
  • Joan tries to convince Jack Warner to make a film adaptation of Ethan Frome, requesting that she play Mattie, the pretty young servant, with Bette Davis playing Zeena, the old hag of a wife.
  • Jack denies the proposal.


  • Joan Crawford stars in the crime drama Mildred Pierce.
  • Joan wins the Academy Award for Best Actress in Mildred Pierce.


  • Bette Davis stars in the drama film All About Eve.
  • Bette gets married to her All About Eve co-star, Gary Merrill.


  • Joan marries Alfred Steele, CEO of Pepsi-Cola.


  • Joan's husband, Alfred, passes away from a heart attack.
  • Joan becomes the brand ambassador for Pepsi.


  • Bette Davis and Gary Merrill star in the touring play, The World of Carl Sandburg.
  • Bette replaces Gary in favor of a different co-star, Barry Sullivan.


  • Joan Crawford begins dating Peter.
  • Marilyn Monroe receives the Golden Globe for Best Actress.
  • A jealous Joan Crawford stumbles out of the Globes in a drunken tirade.
  • Hedda Hopper blackmails Joan into releasing a controversial statement about Monroe's win.
  • Joan comes across Henry Farrell's suspense novel, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.
  • Joan sends the novel to director Robert Aldrich.
  • Pauline Jameson encourages Robert to turn Baby Jane into a film.
  • Robert and Joan agree to do the film together.
  • Bette Davis stars in a Broadway play titled The Night of the Iguana.
  • Joan goes to see the play to convince Bette to sign on to Baby Jane in the title role.
  • Robert Aldrich releases his film Sodom and Gomorrah, marking a low point in his career.
  • Robert writes the script for Baby Jane himself.
  • Robert convinces Jack Warner to distribute What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? under his company.
  • Robert takes out a second mortgage on his house to finance the picture.
  • Bette and Joan promote the film and sign their contracts.
  • Gary and Bette sign their divorce agreement.
  • Filming for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? begins.
  • Bette gets paid more money than Joan.
  • Bette criticizes Joan and tries to tell her how to portray her character.
  • Bette personally designs her iconic look for her character "Baby Jane".
  • Hedda hosts a dinner at her house for Bette and Joan in an attempt to get the latest gossip.
  • Hedda publishes an article for Dateline: Los Angeles about the monumental pairing of Bette and Joan in Baby Jane.


  • Hedda dies on February 1.


  • Joan dies on May 10.





  • Bob dies on December 5.


  • Bette dies on October 6.