The Feud Wiki Update Team is the team that updates the pages after a new episode has aired. They are responsible for making sure that the information of characters, episodes, etc. are completed with the most recent information. Members of the Update Team are meant to improve the quality of information on the pages. Following this, all members of the Team must respect the edits of other users and are not allowed to delete good content made by another member without a valid reason. This is the most important team of editors on the wiki, and we need people like YOU to be part of it.

Note: If you see that a page hasn't been updated yet, and you're not part of the team, you are free to update it if you want.

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You can apply for the articles that you would like to commit to updating in the comment section. Once you have claimed a page (or pages), it is then your responsibility to regularly update them with the most recent information after the airing of a new episode. If you will be unable to update a page for a certain period of time, you must notify an admin about it. If an admin is not notified, and you haven't updated before the airing of the next episode, you will be removed from the team without a warning.

*Please do not commit to a page if you know you won't be able to update it regularly.

If you are part of the team, you can use this template on your profile page: {{UpdateTeam}}

Update.png This user is a member
of the Feud Wiki
Update Team


Once you have updated your assigned page(s), visit our wiki checklist and place a comment stating that you have finished. This makes it easier to keep track of pages. You are also always welcome to update other unfinished pages on our checklist at any time.

Available Positions

Bold and italic type text means that up to three (3) users can take care of that position.

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The Team

Admin Captain: Idekmandy


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