Reed Edward Diamond is an American actor. He is best known for the roles of Det. Mike Kellerman on Homicide: Life on the Street, Jason Pillar on the eighth season of 24, and recurring character Laurence Dominic on Dollhouse. He also appeared in The ShieldBonesThe MentalistFranklin & BashAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Underground.

He is recurring as Peter in the first season of Feud.

Other roles

  • George Connor Jr. in Loving
  • Gary Farrell in ABC Afterschool Specials 
  • Virgil Hoogesteger in Memphis Belle 
  • Leslie Harmon in Ironclads 
  • Christopher Baylor in Law & Order 
  • Stephen Sinclair in Class of '96 
  • Mike Kellerman in Homicide: Life on the Street 
  • Bill Palmer in Under Suspicion
  • Jeffrey Baker in Awake to Danger
  • Thomas Rafferty in Secrets 
  • Clay Devereaux in Her Hidden Truth 
  • Harry Winslow in Full Circle
  • Ben Constant in 919 Fifth Avenue 
  • Eddie Brannigan Jr. in Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan 
  • Stuart Collins in Judging Amy 
  • Harvey Pell in High Noon 
  • Mike Kaputo in The Huntress 
  • Alan Caldwell in Family Law 
  • Will Raymond in Presidio Med 
  • Terry Crowley in The Shield
  • David Burress in S.W.A.T. 
  • Gordon Kimball in Crossing Jordan 
  • Mike Gordon in The West Wing
  • Jared Swanstrom in Medium
  • John Aaron in Good Night, and Good Luck. 
  • Ray Lester in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kenneth Hill in Numb3rs
  • Bryce Ferguson in Stargate SG-1 
  • Eric Hayes in Without a Trace 
  • Martin Schaer in Ghost Whisperer 
  • Gavin Goddard in October Road
  • Jack Vasser in Journeyman
  • Craig Bridges in Criminal Minds
  • Chad Billmeyer in Drop Dead Diva
  • Cameron Talbot in Castle
  • Darren Musk in Cold Case
  • Laurence Dominic in Dollhouse
  • Jason Pillar in 24
  • Franklin Citron in Law & Order: LA
  • Mark Shapiro in Moneyball
  • Greg Limon in Desperate Housewives
  • Greg Dousett in The Glades
  • Robert Yule in Common Law
  • Cole Edwards in White Collar
  • Hayes Flynn in Bones
  • Ray Haffner in The Mentalist
  • Damien Karp in Franklin & Bash
  • Werner Reinhardt in Agents of Shield
  • Harold Balinger in Wayward Pines
  • Henry Blomfeld in Minority Report
  • Joel Fitzgerald in Elementary
  • Tom Macon in Underground
  • John Forstell in Designated Survivor 
  • Albert Stanton in The Purge

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